We are an advanced, AU, Targaryen era site set 20 years before the series. When you register, register with your characters FIRST and LAST name in ALL CAPS For example: JON SNOW. If you make a mistake feel free to PM an admin and we'll sort it out for you. Be sure to check out the plot, wanted ads and rules before registering.

During the war of the Ninepenny Kings the great Lords of the realm formed an alliance, creating a reign of peace that Westeros had never known. Years later those alliances were tested - resulting in the death of Aerys Targaryen. The realms are still healing from the losses - among them Rhaenys and Elia Targaryen. But it is the beginning of a new era! King Rhaegar Targaryen has ascended the throne, with Lyanna Stark at his side. Many hope this will be a reign of peace and prosperity, after so many years of fire and blood. But there is only one way to find out ...
Fire As My Champion
an AU Targaryen era RPG


FAMC IS CLOSED! Our continuation site, A Thousand Eyes and One, has been opened to all!

The staff has officially stopped with board maintenance here at Fire As My Champion. Advertising, announcements, plot updates and member OTMs will be no more. Threads will continue and plots are welcome to keep developing, but FAMC is no longer accepting new members or new applications. It will, however, remain open to current members to continue threading as they please for as long as they please!

If you are wanting to become a new member, please stick around to follow us to our continuation site!

Not to pander.. but VOTE FOR US HERE! :D

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